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…when you buy a bird, you should check the leg ring carefully?

May 10, 2023

Farmed birds usually have a seamlessly closed leg ring. They get the ring on at birth and can't take it off afterwards. This way you can prove that the bird was farmed and did not come from the wild. For birds on Appendix A, a leg ring is even mandatory.

The leg ring must meet certain requirements. We check this leg ring when applying for EU certificates. The grower must
can be deduced, for example, from the breeder's number on the ring. Also
let's look at the ring size. This must match the official one
sizes for the bird in question.

Do you want to buy a bird? Then pay attention to the leg ring and the behavior of the bird. Is the ring damaged and is the bird behaving very wildly? You may be dealing with a wild bird. The NVWA also checks the leg rings of birds. They made a film about the bird trade and what you should pay attention to when buying a bird. Check it out on our homepage

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