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The PetsApp

The PetsApp is a handy tool for pet owners. A large number of dog, cat and horse owners already use the App to always have all the information about their animal at hand. Because keeping animals not only brings a lot of fun, but also obligations. For example, for dogs and horses, having an identification chip is required by law and if you have a snake (reptile) or frog (amphibian), you must also comply with certain rules.

The PetsApp and Birdfile have therefore joined forces! Making pet ownership easier and more fun is the credo of both organizations. By keeping the administration central, you always have an overview. This, combined with fun, relevant information about events (even in times of corona) and animal news, ensures that the PetsApp is a must-have for every owner and Birdfile a must-have for herpet-hobbyists*.

*By 'repeting' is meant the group of terrarium animals.

Take a look in the Appstores and download the free PetsApp. For more information, please visit the sites