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Birdfile in the near future

We regularly receive ideas and suggestions from users, which we will certainly include in Birdfile's future plans.

Now that more and more people are using Terrafile, we thought it would be useful to put the plans on the site so that we don't get the same ideas and suggestions every time. Below is a summary of our plans. If you have any ideas that are not listed, you can let us know via the form below.

Let's build Birdfile together.

General Additions

  • Download button to download the entire administration in 1x as PDF to be able to download/print (already realized)
  • Call sign of the animal
  • Can customize added contacts
  • Medical report per animal
  • property papers
  • Copy with larger numbers by entering a number (already realized)
  • When copying with larger numbers, bundle the animals so that they are in the overview in 1 line with a number added to how many there are. When transferring, a number can be entered which will be deducted from the total
  • When copying, you can choose whether or not the uploads for that animal should be copied
  • Make it possible to save an image during uploads
  • QR code per animal to speed up sales at fairs

Grow module

  • Keep track of matings, which male with which female, date of clutch, how many eggs, dates hatched eggs.
  • Optionally add pictures of egg development during the brood.
  • Offspring is immediately added to the parent animals in the administration when the date of birth is entered.

Retailers module

  • Upload logo and show it on the forms
  • UBN number field at profile (already realized)
  • Possibility to also indicate the breeder per animal that these are on the forms at all times
  • Option for a name or own code per animal
  • Search by grower/previous owner

Ideas or suggestions?

Do you have any ideas or suggestions not mentioned above? Then let us know via the form, we will note it and add it to this page.

I have any idea or suggestion