Special options for pet shops

Do you or do you work at a pet store, then you will agree with us that good administration is important within the hobby of CITES animals.

We therefore want (new) hobbyists to be informed about this when purchasing one or more animals, and even better, get a good start right away. That is why we have a special advantage for pet shops!

In addition to this advantage, we also have additional options for the retailers within Terrafile to make it even easier and to be able to use the transfer within financial accounting. We also provide the store with flyers with information about the mandatory administration that can be given to the customers, these are supplied with a nice holder that can be placed on the counter. Are the flyers gone? No problem, give us a call and we will send a new one.

We can also do something for zoos

A zoo does not trade in animals, but we still think it is important to be of significance to this industry. For starters, zoos can of course conduct their administration for free via Terrafile. There are also plans to further expand Terrafile and to link it with other systems so that different information can be retrieved via 1 system. If you have ideas for Terrafile as a zoo, please pass them on to: info@birdfile.eu

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How does it work?

How does it work?
Do you also want to give your customers a good start in the hobby? To get started, create an account via the button below. Then contact us to have your account converted to a merchant account.

We will then ensure that the account is converted and that you receive the flyers and holder as soon as possible. After creating the account, you can immediately start adding the animals that are currently present in your store.

Would you rather we visit the store for more information and explanation? Fill in the form on this page, we will contact you as soon as possible to schedule an appointment or email you the benefits of the pet store account.

What does it cost?
The costs are € 250.00 per year (excl. VAT) for this you get:

  • Access to the extra options for pet shops
  • All possibilities of the private packages
  • The company comes on our website at "Affiliated pet shops"
  • We make a post about the company on our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn page
  • There will be an advertising banner of the company in the dashboard of the free accounts
  • Flyers and a nice holder, you can give these flyers to customers after buying an animal

Let's put the hobby in a better light together.

Any questions?

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